Here at the Technological University of the Shannon, the TUSSU work very hard to ensure that they provide information to all students about a range of concerns including; mental well-being, sexual health awareness, suicide awareness and non-academic issues. In each TUSSU Campus, our dedicated Welfare officer can also provide our students with information about a number of additional support services both locally and nationally. We work hard to help connect students to these organisations, should they need the support. Take a look at our information on the different Welfare Information provided here at TUSSU below.

In the TUSSU, our dedicated Welfare officer can also provide our students with information about a number of additional support services both locally and nationally. We work hard to help connect students to these organisations, should they need the support.

Take a look at our information on the different Welfare Information provided here at TUSSU below.

Mental Health

Your Psychological and Emotional Well-Being


Staying in touch or reconnecting with friends and loved ones can massively benefit your mental well-being.

Get Active

Exercise releases endorphins, hormones which reduce stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression and can improve self-esteem!

Healthy Diet

Healthy eating will improve the way you feel both mentally and physically. For more information visit http://www.greatfood.ie/


It is recommended that everyone needs 7-8 hours sleep a night. This is necessary for full REM category sleep - the deep sleep we need.

Relax and Destress

College can be hectic at times, so ensure you take time out for yourself to relax, de-stress and do the things you enjoy.

Mindfulness and Awareness

Meditations have the excellent effects on our mental well-being. For more information visit https://www.mindful.org/meditation/mindfulness-getting- started/

Sexual Health

Your Sexual Health is a Vital Part of Your Overall Health!

Your sexual health is a vital part of your overall health!

If you are sexually active you need to be aware of how to stay safe. There are many methods of birth-control to reduce the risk undesired pregnancy, including male and female condoms, contraceptive pills, contraceptive implants, IUDs/IUSs, and more.

However, there are more consequences to unsafe sex than pregnancy. Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are not to be taken lightly they can have devastating effects. For example, an untreated infection may result in infertility, severe pain, worsening infection, increased risk of certain cancers amongst other long term effects. It’s important to use condoms to decrease the risk of diseases gonorrhoea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, etc.

It’s also important to get tested regularly for STIs. There’s multiple myths around STI testing but there’s no reason to worry. Test procedures are completely painless and are often free. For more advice follow these links, or visit/call TUS’s health care centre.

Physical Health

Your Psychological Fitness

Eat healthy

It is important to eat regular healthy meals. If you shop around you can find some great deals on fresh fruit and veg! It is easy to get run-down if you do not take in the vitamins and nutrients you need. It is a good idea to plan your meals in advance this ensures you stay healthy and stick to your budget.

Useful links:


Regular exercise helps prevent disease, helps to control weight and improves the overall quality of life. Another good reason to exercise is that there are links between physical activity and higher academic performance.According to the WHO adults aged 18–64 should do at least 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity throughout the week.​

Useful links:


TUS Students’ Union represents over 6’000 students of the Technological University of the Shannon with a multitude of nationalities, ethnic minorities and diverse backgrounds. TUS Students Union aims to create, promote and develop the inclusive environment of TUS with the objective of students being educated to maximum fulfillment without bias or prejudice in line with our Institute’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Your Students’ Union has adopted newly named and formed roles to help further better and develop EDI throughout our Institute with a Vice- President for Welfare and Equality, an Ethnic Minorities officer, a disability officer as well as many other officers.

​TUS Students’ Union have explored many areas over the years and developed multiple ways to promote and develop EDI in TUS. From promoting active citizenship and giving out each student the choice to vote to the development of clubs and societies which include a broad range of diverse and inclusive societies, equality weeks such as L.G.B.T.Q+ week, Diversity week, Ethnic minorities week and many more new weeks being developed, TUS Students’ Union strive to continually develop our campus to its full potential in relation to Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.

​If you feel you have an issue or need to speak to someone in relation to an EDI matter,
please contact the Vice-President Welfare & Equality at: suwelfare@tussu.ie


Contact Us With Any Issues

Supportive services on campus

TUS Midwest Counselling Service

Email: Joshua.Ryan@lit.ie

Noreen Keane,
Head of Counselling
Tel: (061) 293107
Email: Noreen.Keane@lit.ie

Niamh Murphy
Deputy Head of Counselling/Senior Student Counsellor
Tel: (061) 293173
Email: Niamh.Murphy@lit.ie


TUS Midwest Pastoral Care Moylish & Clare St.
Theresa O’Sullivan
Tel: (061) 293302
Email: Theresa.OSullivan@lit.ie

TUS Midwest Health Centre

Tel: 061293106
Email: nurses@lit.ie.

TUS Midwest Access Office

Access Office
Email: access@lit.ie

TUS Midwest Fees & Grants Office
Email: studentfees@lit.ie

TUS Midwest Disability Office
Tel: (061) 293112
Email: disability@lit.ie

TUS SU Education and Welfare Officer Moylish

​Robert Jordan
Mobile: 085 2635207
Email: sumoylish@student.lit.ie

TUS Midwest Learning Support Unit

Email: lsu@lit.ie Tel: (061) 293147.

Local Support Services

Jigsaw Tipperary

Telephone: 0504 60023
Email: tipperary@jigsaw.ie
G2 Innovation Works 3,
Tipperary Technology Park,
Co. Tipperary.
E41 XF75

Rape Crisis Midwest

Tel: 1800 311511
+353 61 311511
Email: info@rapecrisis.ie
Website: www.rapecrisis.ie
Phoenix House
Punch’s Close
Rosbrien Road

Pieta House Roscrea

Tel: 0818111126

Limerick & Tipperary Samaritans

20 Barrington Street,
V94 AC60

Aiséirí Cahir Addiction treatment service
Email: info@aiseiri.ie

ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services

Tel: (061) 412354
Email: info@adaptservices.ie
ADAPT Domestic Abuse Services,
ADAPT House,

​South East Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force

Email: susan.kiely@hse.ie

Mayorstone Park Garda Station

Tel: +353 61 456 980
Mayorstone Parke Garda Station
Mayorstone Park,
Limerick City
V94 K2K0

National Support Services & Helplines

Text 50808 (Mental Health Text Service)
– text ‘AIT’ to 50808

HSE (Health Service Executive)
-Accident & Emergency relating to either mental health or physical health.


Free phone: 116 123
Email: jo@samaritans.org

(Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder & Anxiety)
Tel: 1800 80 48 48

National Suicide Helpline (Pieta House)
1800 247 247

​Pieta House
(Suicide & Self-harm)
Tel: 01 623 5606

(Mental Health support and Recovery)
Tel: 1890 474 474

(Eating Disorders Associations of Ireland)
1890 200 444

Irish Advocacy Network

(Peer advocacy in mental health)
Tel: 01 872 8684

(Counselling &Psychotherapy)
Tel: 01 230 3536

Irish Council for Psychotherapy
(Counselling & Psychotherapy)
Tel: 01 905 8698

(Supporting people effected by mental ill health)


Student Safety is a key priority

TUS can be a relatively busy environment as well as the surrounding areas of the college. Student Safety is a key priority and the protection and maintenance of a safe environment for both students and staff is key throughout the campus.

​An Garda Síochána have developed ‘Campus Watch’, which is a key guide for students to help develop and better their safety whilst both on campus and off campus.

​The very nature of a campus, where unfamiliar faces are common and accepted, lends itself to the work of the criminal who can blend in quite easily around halls of residence. For example, it is not unusual to see people carrying backpacks and other items without suspicion.

Campus Watch Guide:


​For students on tight budgets, expensive items are difficult to replace, and it is highly advisable to spend a short time considering how effective measures can be taken to reduce the possibility of theft. The good news is that there are a number of actions you can take to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of crime.

​Campus Watch is similar to a residential Neighbourhood Watch scheme in that it is a crime prevention and community safety programme. It operates as a partnership between An Garda Síochána and the Campus occupants. It works on the basis that every member of Campus can help to improve the quality of life on site by keeping a look out for students, staff and visitors, and reporting suspicious activities to the Gardaí.

​If you feel your safety is at risk in anyway both on or off campus, please contact the GARDAÍ and the Welfare Officer if you have an issue in relation to your safety.

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