The Irish Arts Review (IAR) New Generation Gallery 2024 launches 23 August

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New Generation

The Irish Arts Review (IAR) New Generation Gallery 2024 will launch on the 23rd of August!

This unique initiative aims to support the work of all BA and MA graduating students in Ireland working in painting, fashion, film, ceramics, design, print, sculpture, animation, photography, architecture, and visual communication from colleges around Ireland. The New Generation Gallery is now in its tenth year, and the platform attracted over 100,000 visitors last year. The work of previous years graduates can be viewed on

The New Generation Gallery will be open for submissions from 24 May. For all colleges/universities that showcase graduates’ work online, we will collate contact details from your website and contact each graduate directly, as we have done in recent years.

Previous Graduates’ Written Feedback


Ray Kane, NCAD

“I found the platform very helpful. It improved my ranking on Google. I also receive inquiries about future projects I am embarking on. I appreciate all the work the Irish Arts Review have done and am very grateful for the opportunity to have my work included in the New Gen Gallery.”

Rosalind Spencer, BA Fine Art (Hons), Crawford College of Art and Design

“I felt privileged to be included in the IAR online gallery for New Generation artists. It has been beneficial in that I have been able to share it on social media to draw attention to the work I do. I have also directed organisations and galleries to it when submitting proposals and applications. I haven’t received direct feedback that it has been advantageous, however I do feel that the platform provides me with a superior position, especially being associated with the prestigious IAR publication.”

IZABELA SZCZUTKOWSKA – Graduate BA Honours Degree, Photography, TU Dublin

“My practice has gained more recognition since being featured in the Irish Arts Review.

I am only a graduate but, in my opinion, it is very prestigious to have a work included in the Irish Arts Review. The value of the Irish Arts Review to the visual arts in Ireland is very high.”

Sinead Barrett, BA in Fine Art, Crawford College of Art and Design

“I found the new generation platform very beneficial. Firstly it really improved my online presence, when my name is Googled it comes up in the top ten search always. Secondly, the link has helped with submissions, as it is a platform to look at my work. Thirdly, the feedback I received after it was put on social media was very positive.”

Christopher McMullan, BA, Sculpture and Expanded Practice

“I would give top marks for the quality of the writing. I think John’s [Rainey/ Sculptor] style was sensitive and accurate. He had a way of synthesizing a broad range of ideas without diminishing them. He took the time to really understand the work before writing – and I stress understand, rather than repeating sound bites. I don’t think it would have been possible for the interview to go as well as it did if John wasn’t a well-founded, practicing, and known artist. 

The article has allowed me to have a richer CV and it is a great addition to applications. The readership touches the domestic and international market as well as creatives and intellectuals from other fields. It is the standard bearer for the happenings in the Irish creative industry.”

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