TUS Account Security – Disable old AIT/LIT accounts and MFA Everywhere from April 2nd 2024

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Please see the email below from Joe O’Gorman of the TUS Systems Integration Team, sent to all students to their TUS email addresses last week:

To all staff and students,

This is a reminder e-mail to note that, commencing the week of April 2nd 2024, the following  security enhancements will be implemented on the TUS ICT infrastructure.

  1. Old accounts disabled

Your @ait.ie/@student.ait.ie and @lit.ie/@student.lit.ie staff and/or student accounts will be disabled.  When this occurs, you will no longer be able to login to any Office 365 based system or service using your old LIT or AIT account. Your account and existing data will not be deleted at this point, however it will no longer be accessible to you and will ultimately be removed. This is to facilitate the continued integration and migration to the TUS ICT environment and to reduce the security footprint and administrative overhead of maintaining separate environments.

Please check your old account for any remaining data or information that you may require, if you feel it is necessary to do so. If you have any subscriptions or applications that are still using your old AIT or LIT credentials, please update your credentials.

DO NOT use your TUS e-mail address for personal services such as online shopping sites, airlines, utility bills etc. when updating your subscriptions, as this in contravention of the Acceptable Usage Policy.

  1. MFA Everywhere

As part of TUS ongoing review and updating of IT security measures, MFA Everywhere will be rolled out on-campus from the week commencing April 2nd 2024. Users will then need to authenticate via MFA when accessing TUS devices and services while on campus in Midlands and Midwest. There will be no change to how you use MFA – you will now simply be required to do it onsite.

If you have any queries please contact the TUS IT Servicedesk at the links below:

TUS Midwest:   https://itservicedesk.midwest.tus.ie/

TUS Midlands:  https://itservicedesk.midlands.tus.ie/



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